Do you pay tax in more than one country?

tax in more than one country

If you have to pay tax in more than one country, it is necessary to check your Danish tax return extra carefully. The tax return for 2022 will be ready on from 13 March 2023.

There are many possibilities of being affected by the tax rules of several countries:

  • You may have moved from Denmark
  • You may have moved to Denmark
  • You live in Denmark and work abroad
  • You live abroad and have income from Denmark
  • You live in Denmark and have property abroad
  • You live abroad and work in Denmark

For all situations, the tax rules are not an easy book to read, and furthermore the automatically generated tax returns are far from correct – and far from being advantageous for you. You will usually have several choices, where it is not particularly easy to see what is best for you. If you ask Skat, it will rarely be possible to find an employee who can give you a clear and complete answer.

If you have tax-complex circumstances, it will probably also take a long time before the tax return is final. It can mean a lot in kroner and ører that you get the correct tax return quickly.


Do you pay tax in several countries?

At Inwema/ we have many years of experience with complicated tax matters for individuals. We will always take the specific situation as a point of departure, and in the nature of the matter we cannot only use internal Danish tax rules. Here, foreign tax rules must be included and account must be taken of what exists of double taxation agreements and other agreements between the countries.

Our hallmark is in-depth knowledge of tax matters that extend beyond national borders. It will be a pleasure to help you. You will find our contact information here.


Time line

Mid-March 2023: The tax folders open in’s TastSelv. You can correct your tax return for 2022

Mid-April 2023: Excess tax is paid if the tax return is issued

1 May 2023: Deadline to correct the tax return for 2023 (general rule)

1 July 2023: Last deadline to correct the tax return with foreign relations and business, if this is registered in the preliminary tax assessment for 2022

1 July 2023: Deadline to pay back tax without the expensive percentage surcharge


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