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Tax advice

Inwema ApS is a consulting company providing services to individuals and companies in Denmark and internationally. 

We will be looking forward providing our services to individuals and companies who have been attracted by Denmark and are considering starting cross border activities. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Tax advice and assistance
We provide professionel tax advice to individuals and corporations, including Danish and international tax planning, tax structuring, tax opinions, obtain binding rulings and handle tax cases.

We assist on arrival procedures, tax registrations, establish companies, calculate tax liabilities and make tax returns.

We act as tax representatives in Denmark for individuals and companies.

2. Residence and work permits
We advise and assist in obtaining residence and work permits to individuals entering Denmark.

3. Pension planning
We plan Danish and international pension schemes for individuals and companies including pensions savings, life and invalidity insurance and taxation when receiving pension benefits from Denmark or abroad under Danish tax residency.

4. Investing in Denmark
We advice and assist when investering or considering investing in Denmark, including doing business in Denmark and exporting to Denmark. We provide business opinions on new business projects in Denmark.

5. Real property in Denmark
We provide advice when purchasing Danish real property, including summaries on conditions for buying, commenting on the Danish real property market and mortgaging.

6. Social security system
We advice on the content of the Danish social security system, including summaries of rigths and obligations, procedures and Danish and international planning.

7. International work force mobility
We advice on international work force mobility policies and Danish and international employment law.

8. Relocation
We assist inviduals on relocation to Denmark, including advice where to live, rental contracts and registration procedures with the National Registration Office. We describe Danish infrastructure, including international schools and kindergarten. 

9. Financial advice
We provide financial advice to individuals, including investments and wealth protection.

10. Business contacts
We create contacts to Danish business partners, investors, suppliers, customers and financial institutions. We negociate with business connections, financial institutions and the Danish authorities. We act as coordinators of service providers for individuals and companies. We advise on management in Danish entities, including creation of contacts to professional management members.

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