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Television in Denmark

The first experiments with television began back in 1948 where a famous person Otto Leisner participated. It took place in Tivoli on the occasion of a very special visit from England. Some English TV -firms delivered the equipment and in cooperation with “Statsradiofonien” the first transmissions were broadcasted from Tivoli.

During 1949 the technicians went on experimenting and the transmissions were broadcast mostly because of the manufacturers of the televisions. Despite the aggressive sales drives from the British, Denmark ended up with buying the TV equipment from Phillips whose system became the European standard.

TV from abroad: 

In the infancy of TV all the transmission started with an announcer informing on what was coming up next. At that time you could only watch one Danish channel, receiving signal from one of the eight transmitter masts. If you lived in South Jutland , Funen and Lolland/Falster you could also watch German channels (ARD) K4 from Flensborg. Those who lived in the capital could watch Swedish SR1 K2 from Hørby. 

Better quality:

In November 2009 Denmark will switch the present standard to digital TV; MPEG-2 standard. Sweden, Norway and Germany have already switched. Latest in 2012 the standard will switch to MPEG-4, that compresses better but it’s not settled yet.

Radio of Denmark :

There are two large TV stations in Denmark : DR (Radio of Denmark) and TV2. DR is a state TV station and it is financed primary by a license fee. If you want to watch DR TV it can be done on their web side where you can watch many already shown programs for free.


TV 2 is the second nationwide TV channel in Denmark and transmitted for the first time in 1988. TV2 shares a range of programs with the 8 regional TV2 stations. The channel is a private company and is being financed by income from advertising.

If you want to watch TV2 on internet it can be done on their web side www. and then you have to choose Sputnik. Here you can watch the news for free.

Almost in all modern homes in Denmark it is possible to find a TV box that includes both Danish and foreign TV channels.

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