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Population of Denmark

Almost 5,5 millions inhabits Denmark, which equals 1,1 % of the total population in the EU. Population density in Denmark is about 126 per sq. km. It equals to 1/3 of the Netherland’s, but it is significantly higher than that of other Nordic countries.

Geographic distribution:
The population is evenly spread, but the concentration in the capital is relatively high. In greater Copenhagen there lives 1,1 million people.

According to “Danmarks Statistik” there are 1.445 towns and cities in Denmark.
The largest cities are Århus (295.000), Odense (186.000), Aalborg (163.000), Esbjerg (82.000), Randers (56.000), Kolding (55.000), Vejle (50.000), Horsens (50.000) and Roskilde (44.000).

Age distribution:
More than 3 million are adults of working age, but the combined groups of adolescents younger than 17 years and senior citizens above 60, will totally make up 1,1 millions. The average lifespan for women is approximately 79 years, and for men 75.

According to “Danmarks Statistik” there will in the near future be fewer people of working age and more elderly. The working population (25-64 years) will decrease with 13 % from 2,98 million today to 2,59 million in 2044. On the other hand the number of senior citizens (over 65 years) will be growing until 2042, and at that point the number will be 1,5 million. It is 80 % more than the 835.000 of today.

Population growth:
The population in Denmark increased in the 3. quarter of 2007 with 14.434 people and on the 1. of October the population was 5.470.919 people. The growth in population is compounded of the excess birth rate with 4.140 people and a net immigration (the difference between immigrants and emigrants) with 10.238 people.

Foreign citizens:
On the 1. of January there were 278.096 foreign citizens in Denmark. It is an increase of 8.045 people from 2006 to 2007. The number of foreign citizens now makes up 5,1 % of the population in Denmark.

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