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Radio in Denmark

DR (radio of Denmark) is the only one fully license fee financed and therefore user paid radio- and TV station. The license fee is determined by the “Folketinget” and commits DR to what often is called public service. In Danish it means that DR is obliged to “serve the people” and that DR undertakes several social and cultural duties. DR must secure that the Danes get a large and all-around choice of quality radio and TV broadcasts.

DR has 4 radio channels which are known under abbreviations P1, P2, P3, and P4. (P stands for program): 

Program 1 (P1):
P1 has a minor group of listeners fewer than for example the more popular channels P3 and P4. More serious subjects are discussed on P1, deeper conversations between guests, analyses and putting thing into perspectives are very common. DR itself calls the channel “the thought-provoking radio”. The programs and the hostess of the radio are often subjects for discussions in publicity. The station began 24 hours’ transmissions back in 2003. Earlier the night radio was broadcasted only by P3 between 00-06. P1 is distributed via FM, DAB and internet.
The channel has 853.000 listeners a week, which makes it 4. most listened to radio channel. 

Program 2 (P2):
P2 is the channel for classical music and jazz lovers. The channel also houses programs about literature, books etc. and radio drama. P2 transmitted for the first time back in 1951. 

Program 3 (P3):
P3 began transmissions back in 1963 and should have been a state controlled substitute for the closed popular private owned radio station, Radio Mercury that transmitted from a ship in Øresund.
P3 is transmitted via DAB, FM, via local radio transmitters in Kalundborg and via satellites to the whole of Europe. For a short period of time P3 was also transmitted via FM to Nuuk/ Greenland. P3 broadcasted for the first time in 1972. 

Program 4 (P4):
P4 is DR’s regional radio channel. It partly contains of the news from the 11 local stations and partly of the nation programs.
P4’s range of programs comprises a mixture of music, traffic rapports and national and local news. P4 is transmitted as a combination of local and national broadcasts.

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