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Denmark has been known as a nation since the Viking age and the Danish monarchy with its over 1000 years long heritage is the one the oldest in the world. The Danish Kingdom has historically been remarkably bigger than it is today, but many wars with Sweden and Germany during the last centuries has reduced the Danish territory.

Fine nature of Denmark:
Denmark is situated between to seas the North Sea and Kattegat and offers many spectacular experiences. The last ice age has left its marks by modeling the country in a way so today it appears with many hills, forests and fields. 

The long beaches:
The beaches in Denmark sometimes seem to be endless and some places are over many hundreds of meters wide. In the hinterland you find shelter from the wind, sand dunes, summer cottages and small farmer houses with long history. It is the view many guests experience when they visit the coast of the North Sea in Jutland which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Denmark. 

Denmark and the water:
Denmark is though more than just a beach, there are no less than 400 islands, 100 of them are inhabited. Denmark would almost be an island country if just Jutland was not a part of it. Jutland has a 67 km long border to North Germany. There is no a single place in Denmark where the distance to the sea is longer than 50 km. and the coast line is over 7.300 km.

Shakespeare in Denmark:
There many different beautiful buildings and places. UNESCO has accepted Kronborg, where Shakespeare performed Hamlet, and the cathedral in Roskilde on the list of the 851 most worthy of preservation monuments in the world.

Famous Danes:
Even though Denmark is relatively small, many of the world’s famous artists, scientists, philosophers, writers and musicians are born here. Except the founder of Copenhagen (capital in Denmark), bishop Absalon, many Danish people are also well known outside Denmark. Their work has inspired and entertained generations after their death. H. C. Andersen, Karen Blixen, the Nobel Prize winning physicist Niels Bohr and philosopher Søren Kirkegaard are among those.

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