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Health insurance “Danmark”

Health insurance “danmark” is an additional health insurance offered to all Danes. The sole aim of “danmark” is to insure every family member’ health so everyone has to pay as little as possible.

You can’t avoid getting delighted of “danmark”:
As a member you will get many opportunities for getting pleasure out of using “danmark”. It’s almost unavoidable. 

On one hand “danmark” subsides both dental care, penicillin to a inflammation of the throat and buying new glasses and contact lens. 

On the other hand “danmark” also helps in case of getting seriously ill by subsiding medicine and the hospitalization in a private hospital. 

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90 øre of every paid krone returns to the members: 
No one but the members gets profits from”danmark”. This is of course an advantage for the members. “danmark”’s aim is to pay 90 øre back to the members for each krone that was paid to “danmark” by the members. Some years a greater amount of money is paid out other years-less. It means that averagely only 10 øre are used on the administration costs, and it does “danmark” to a very efficient and thoroughly healthy organization, run on the conditions of the members. 

Your “danmark”
A membership in”danmark” can be adjusted so it tailors your personal needs. Coverage can also be adjusted to secure your life best possible. 

Health insurance “danmark” offers 4 groups: 1, 2, 5 and basic health insurance depending on the needs. As a member it is possible to supplement the membership with some additional choices, f. ex. travel insurance, surgery insurance and severe illness insurance. 

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