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Denmark is a knowledge society

Denmark is known for its developed welfare system and an active economic life.

Denmark is a small island kingdom in the northern Europe. Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands is a part of Scandinavia. There live about 5,3 millions of people in the country.
Denmark has been member of the EU since 1972, but did not join the cooperation in some single areas, for example EURO, judicial area and military cooperation.
The most characteristic about Denmark is first of all its welfare system which guaranties everyone the same rights and access to public services and the democratic government. In addition Denmark is known for equality, freedom of speech, an active economic life and quite high level of insurance and development.
The Danes use non formal tone among themselves on work and privately and appreciate their personal freedom.

Denmark is relatively competitive:

For many years Denmark has been among the leading countries in many fields: products and services such as foodstuffs, clothes, interior design, transport by sea, windmills, medicine and medicinal supplies, equipment for automatically heating and cooling, IT and communication.

High competences in Denmark:
The level of R&D in Denmark is quite high with good relations to public and private service. Many international companies are enjoying it by establishing their R&D activities in Denmark or by using the know-how and competences of Danish companies.

Denmark is able to compete:
In the rapport made by Worlds Economic Forums about global competitiveness ability (Global Competitiveness Report 2007-2008) mentions Denmark as one of the most competitive countries in 2007-2008.

Denmark is placed in the fifth place on the scale of the most competitive countries by IMD (the Swiss institute for management development)

Work force and productivity is the key:
Both WEF and IMD mention that the Danes themselves are the reason why Denmark almost always is placed in top 10 of most competitive counties in the world. Parameters like productivity of the labour force, the Danish education system and the abilities and the attitudes of the population render Denmark one of the most competitive nations.

Everything is fine in Denmark:
Denmark has become one of the wealthiest countries. Unemployment is record low, low inflation, surplus on the balance of payment and public finances. Generally high level of education, the super modern infrastructure and the access to a flexible work force have created all the needed conditions for Denmark to obtain a strong position in the new global information economy.

Strong economy of Denmark:
Today Denmark has one of the strongest economies in Europe despite of the country never really had heavy industry, but was dominated by small groups of handicraft and manufacturing industry.

An active education policy:
The strong economic position is also a result of introducing an active education policy by several Danish governments; realizing that know-how is of decisive importance for a country without natural resources and heavy industry which are worth mentioning.

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