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Housing opportunities

Normally foreign citizens choose to rent a dwelling in Denmark. 99% of all the stationed choose to rent a dwelling especially if the stay is short. It is also possible to buy your own dwelling or a part of it depending on the duration of the stay and your financial circumstances.

House is the most usual dwelling type in Denmark. If the house is rented, then you have the right of access and to use the house as long as you keep to the tenancy agreement.

When you rent an apartment then the rules in the tenancy agreement regulate the tenants’ rights to use the apartment. If you buy an apartment then you own it in the same way as a house. There are two kinds of rented accommodations in Denmark.

Privately rented accommodations:
Foreign workers usually choose the privately rented accommodations because normally it is possible to move in quickly. The dwellings are let through an administration company or a lawyer.

Common rented accommodations:
Common rented accommodations are dwellings built with the government support and are let according to a priority list. That’s why common rented accommodations rarely are a possibility for the foreign workers.

The facilities vary a lot from place to place. You have to find out more whether the place lives up to your expectations regarding parking opportunities, laundry, outdoor facilities and rules regarding pets.

Shared ownership property and private limited ownership property:
When you have a shared ownership apartment then you don’t own the apartment. You are a member of a co-operative society and own a share of the capital and the right to use a particular apartment. When you buy a private limited ownership property, also called an ideal share, then you become a joint owner of the whole property.

Summer house:
Many Danish summer houses are in good repair and well equipped and that’s why are suitable for living in the winter time as well. It is only possible to live in the summer house in the winter time if the house has a year- round residence status. It is the local administration and the law that regulate the usage of the summer houses in the winter time.

If you buy a building ground for building a house yourself, then the maximum size of the house is settled in advance. Before buying a ground it is a good idea to contact the local technical administration in the municipality where the ground is located to get more information about the building license. 

Appartements in the Copenhagen Area 

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