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Foreign buyers of real estate in Denmark

Since Denmark became member of EU many more foreigners wish to move to Denmark and in relation to that to buy real property. It can be complicated but below we will try to explain the main rules. There is no a simple way because the answer depends on the type of the property, the buyers permanent address and citizenship.

Principal rule is a permanent address: 

The main rule is that the permission of the Minister of Justice is required for acquiring real property in Denmark unless you already have a permanent address in Denmark or have had it for at least 5 years earlier. If you have a permanent address in Denmark when you send out the application, then it is not required that you already have lived here for 5 years at that particular moment. The 5 years period doesn’t have to be continuous. The authorities are very strict with the address demand. A temporary dwelling does not fulfill the conditions. The main rule means that even Danish citizens who do not have a permanent address in Denmark and have not ever had it for at least 5 years can’t acquire real property in Denmark. The rule covers all types of property, including industrial property, houses suitable for use throughout the year, shared ownership property, summer houses, but there are special rules for farms.

The exemption of the EU and EES citizens: 

Denmark as a member of the EU must secure free movement of labor. The EU Citizens and undertakings established in accordance with the legislation of another EU Member State may acquire real property without the permission of the Danish authorities against making a declaration of good faith. The rule is applicable for acquiring real property suitable for use throughout the year, but not summer houses. Foreign citizens, as long as they possess an EU permanent residence or intend to get a job or run business in Denmark can acquire real property. The EU citizens can buy a summer house in conformity with the main rule as soon as they have a permanent address in Denmark.

Acquirers with special status: 

The permission is not required if the real estate is inherited, is transferred to undivided possession of the estate, sharing common estate due to a divorce or gifts between closely related.

Special rule for acquiring summer houses: 

To keep the Danish summer houses for the Danes there was introduced a special rule in the Maastricht- treaty stating that the main rule for buying summer houses is still valid for all foreign citizens no matter the applicant’s citizenship. If the conditions in the main rule are not fulfilled, then the applicant is not permitted to buy a summer house in Denmark, unless the candidate has strong connection either with close relatives in Denmark or to that particular property. 

Appartements in the Copenhagen Area 

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