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Monarchy in Denmark

The Danish royal family can be traced back to Gorm the Old and his son Harald 1. Bluetooth, which can be dated and placed 1000 years ago, because Denmark become united at that time.

The two families in Danish royal family are the house of Oldenborg and the offspring house of Lyksborg. The first king from the house of Oldenborg was crowned in 1448 and the last king was Frederik 7, who did not have any children. In 1863 the house of Lyksborg acceded to the throne and still the descendants of the family are on the throne today. 

Among the members of the family are her highness the Queen Margrethe, his highness the Prince Consort Henrik, his highness the crown prince Frederik, her highness the crown princess Mary, his highness prince Christian, her highness princess Isabella , his highness prince Joackim, his highness prince Nikolai, his highness prince Felix, her highness princess Benedikte, her highness princess Elisabeth. 

The royal family includes the family of her highness the Queen including her highness Queen Anne-Marie.

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