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National parks in Denmark

Not everybody knows that national parks exist in Denmark. They are an outstanding chance to experience the exiting Danish nature closely. The purpose of Danish national parks is to create a new vitality for the threatened nature types and give place to the nature, Denmark has lost.

Seven pilot- projects: 

The government started seven pilot projects back in 2003 to determine the possibilities for establishing Danish national parks. WWF welcomed the initiative and have kept an eye on the project since. Now the pilot projects have completed reports with suggestions and proposals, and the political processes about the legislation and later on selection of the first national parks will soon begin.

WWH believes that the seven pilot projects offer some obvious opportunities for giving the Danish nature a badly needed boost. A total review of the nature basis shows that all the basic and the most important nature types of Denmark are covered by the project. The project therefore may become a success if there is a political will for it. If the project is to become a success then nature has to be the pivotal point in each national park.

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