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If you move to another country then there are many challenges to face. One thing that is not to be underestimated is a good network both socially and at work.

There are many different expat networks in Denmark that can be a good help to get in contact with other foreigners in the same situation and share the experiences and information. 

You have to find your network:
Remember that a network won’t appear by itself, you have to find it! Many embassies possess knowledge of networks for newcomers in their own language; the same is true for the companies. Many companies even have internal networks for their foreign employees. 

Some clubs networks and societies are listed below: 

The British European Association has many activities in Denmark. The association even publishes the magazine “British European” which deals with interesting subjects for the posted in Denmark. On their web site there are many practical and relevant pieces of information about the life in Denmark. Find out more on 

Danish German Industry – and Trade club was established in 1970. The intention was to improve the economical relationship between Denmark and Germany and to make it easier to make contact between interested parties in the business community. Read more on
Svenska Gillet is a Danish- Swedish association for the Swedes resident in Denmark and the Danes with a strong connection to Sweden. The association’s goal is to establish cultural relations and a good cooperation between the Danes and the Swedes. Read more on

The British Council is an English association for educational and cultural relations in Denmark. Read 
more on 

The American Women’s Club is a club for women (not only American) with focus on cultural, family and social activities. The club has several permanent annual activities, in association with the American Embassy, and special clubs in the whole country for young women and members resident in Denmark. Find out more on  

The international Women’s Club of Copenhagen offers new comers an opportunity to build up a social and friendly network. The club members meet once a month in Copenhagen. 

Das Goethe- Institut is a worldwide cultural institute from Germany. The institute ties the cultures together and informs about political and social subjects in German. Find out more on  

Other associations are Rotary and Lions. Read more on and

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