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It is “kommune ”’s responsibility to offer leisure time activities, f. ex. different clubs to children above 10 years old. In leisure time clubs young people can meet each other after the school.

Leisure time clubs:
Leisure time clubs are for children between 10-13 years old. Different clubs offer different kinds of activities; most common are music, theater, film, computer, athletics, nature- and outdoor activities. Social contact is of high importance too.
There are some adults working in the clubs, but the children are more free to come and go then for instance in the SFO or in childcares for younger children. Leisure time clubs only work in the afternoon. 

The youth clubs:
Youth clubs are for young people, age 14-17. In youth clubs activities are arranged with the help from pedagogic educated team. The young people can usually influence the activities. Youth clubs normally work in the evening until 10 p.m. 

Leisure time clubs and youth clubs are either municipal, private or self governing institutions. The “kommune” can be contacted in order to get more information about the offers for the children, admission and fees. 

There are many organizations catering for children and young people. The organizations offer everything from athletics and music to environment, religion and politics, and they are a good start to make connections to younger Danes. The largest amount of information is to be found at “Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd” which is an umbrella organization for the youth clubs in the whole country. Find out more on: You can also find some information in the local newspapers, Internet, library and in telephone books. 

Athletics clubs and organizations:
There are approximately 16.000 athletics clubs and organizations in Denmark. In most ”kommune” it is possible to join swimming, badminton, football and athletics clubs. Find out more on 

The boy scout organizations:
The offered activities are different from organization to organization. It can be anything from first aid lessons to cooking outdoors, hiking, bible studies and participation in church activities. The organizations have different attitude to politics and religion and weight indoor and outdoor activities differently. Find out more on

Big opportunities:
WWF has also considerate the potential for creating a large, dynamic nature in the rapports. The possibilities are everywhere, but some locations are more suitable than others. The biggest potentials are at the lake territory (Læsø and Vadehavet) but on the landside the possibilities for creating the magnificent Danish nature are also good, especially in lille Vildmose in Himmerland, in the dunes of Thy and Grib Skov in Nordsjælland.

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