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Leisure in Denmark

The selection of leisure activities in Denmark is rich. Denmark is the European country with most leisure activities per inhabitant. Many sports clubs make the leisure time even more varied.

It is possible to make almost any kind of exercise in Denmark maybe exempt skiing. You can join a sports club or center. The national sport, football, is played everywhere as well as handball, badminton and tennis. Many shores in Denmark make sailing and windsurfing possible, and in the summer time beaches are wonderful picnic places for the whole family. Most towns have public swimming pools where you can enjoy a ride in a water chute or a trip to a sauna. 

The possibility of other activities is plenty as well. Everywhere there are clubs for almost everything: from card games, cooking to politics, environment and religion. The clubs are normally open for membership of all ages and levels of skills. 

Evening schools:
In all the towns you find some evening school teaching of some kind. It can be anything from sewing and computer courses to yoga and proper cooking. Many evening schools offer lectures and excursions. Prices depend on what particular course you are attending to. Everyone can join the courses. The inviting tenders distribute catalogs with the description of the courses 1-2 times a year where you can read about the opportunities in your local area. 

Language schools:
The “oplysningsforbundende” are responsible for Danish language teaching. It is free of charge if you possess permanent residence permission. Almost all evening schools offer foreign language courses. It is also possible to receive lessons at home, but you have to pay for it your self.
Finally the Danish nature gives a rich opportunity for an active outdoor life. The terrain is perfectly suitable for bicycling and in many places there are established bicycling and hiking paths along the coastlines or through the forests. 

Denmark is a safe country and that’s why many people choose jogging in the nature as a pleasant and noncommittal kind of exercise

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