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How to become a member of the Danish national Church

Everyone who is christened in the childhood in the National Church automatically becomes a member. A membership is also possible later on and everyone can leave and reenter whenever they please.

Members of the church possess the right to church ceremonials, usually in the parish where they live. Church ceremonials are f. ex. wedding/ marriage in a church and funeral. Members are church tax liable.

Church tax liability in Denmark: 

A member of the national church, who has moved abroad permanently, does not quit the membership automatically, unless the person officially resigns. If a fully tax liable to Denmark person joins a Danish community in another country, then it is possible to transfer the church tax to that community. The church tax today is 0,7 % of the taxable income.

The major part of the church members entered when being christened. It is possible to become a member even though the applicant is christened in another Christian community.

Membership can be obtained when:

1. A person christened in an evangelic- Lutheran community of another country becomes automatically, no matter the citizenship, member of the national Danish church when becoming resident in Denmark unless the person makes a written application for not joining the church. There is a “Yes” or ”No” field to the national church on the form everybody has to fill out when registering the entry to Denmark to the Folkereister. The membership will commence automatically unless a written resignation is delivered to the parish vicar or to the local church administration no later than 6 month after the entering Denmark. If you refused membership of the church to begin with, then it is always possible to become member later by contacting the local vicar.

2. A person, christened in another Christian community than the Evangelic-Lutheran, can still be accepted as a member of the Danish national church. Only permanent residents are accepted and Danish citizenship is not required for acceptance. To apply for acceptance contact the local vicar. The vicar decides whether the applicant possess enough will and knowledge about the church to grant the application. A person christened in another community than the Evangelic-Lutheran, but who has been brought up according to Christian manners and faith, can still be accepted in a church register and CPR by making contact with a vicar of the national church.

For individuals under 18 years it is customary to let an adult person make decisions about Christianity and entering the national church. Permission for entering a church or baptizing for a person above 15 years old is required

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