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Private schools in Denmark

There are about 120 private schools in Denmark with approximately 41.000 students. Denmark has a 200 year old tradition of private schools. Private schools offer the same level of education as in Danish “folkeskole”, but the education often takes place in a more liberal way.

State subsidy:
Private schools are private, self- governing institutions, but if they fulfil the general quality requirements from the Ministry of Education, then they are entitled to a subsidy that covers up to 85% of their expenses. The rest is to be financed by user’s fee.

The teacher’s background:
Most of the teachers in private schools possess the same level of education as teachers in the “folkeskole”. It is normally an education of 4 years duration at a teachers college or a similar education from another country. Private schools often employ teachers with another background as well. Foreign language teachers are often native speakers.

School fee:
School fee payment, incl. books, text books and material, but not expenses covering excursions, make up approximately DKK 1.000 a month.

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