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Boarding schools

In Denmark there are many boarding schools that offer classes in Danish, English and German. A boarding school is a school where the students stay because they can’t live at home and go to school due to parental problems (parents living abroad), personal troubles or because of the present school. The students can get a fresh start. The school makes sure that the students attend the school every day, get the tutoring they need and that they participate in the social spare time activities with other young people.

Everyone is welcome:
The boarding schools accept students from Denmark and abroad. The majority of the schools also receive students from the local district who may attend the school as it was an ordinary private version.
Often the boarding schools students attend regular school classes, attended by day students as well, when they are ready to it. 

Boarding schools accept students, governed by the students need. Normally there is a large admission in August due to start of a new term but there is also a current admission.
The payment varies depending on the income:
The price for the stay can be different from school to school. If a social worker thinks that a boarding school is the right place for one particular student, the local authorities can decide to pay for the whole stay or just to back the stay depending on the income of the parents. 

Price example:
The prices differ a lot from school to school. Find out more on

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