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Danish grading scale: 7 point scale

The Danish grading scale was reviewed in August 2007. Now the examination assessments in Denmark will be based on the new 7 point scale which replaces the old 13 point scale.

There are 5 grades for the passed presentation (12, 10, 7, 4 and 2) and two grades for failed presentation (00 and -03).
The revision of the 7 point scale is made with one single purpose; to make it easier to compare the skills and the grades of Danish and foreign students.

School system in Denmark:
The state school education starts with the basic general education lasting 9 years. The child is by the parents’ request accepted in the 1 grade in that calendar year when the child before the 1 of October turns 6 years. A kinder garden grade and tenth grade can also be opted but attending is not obligatory for each student.

Free choice of school:
The parents can choose a public school or a district school for their child if there are vacant places. If not all the children can be accepted then those who applied first will be accepted first.

No admission if over 24 students:
The school does not accept students from outside the school district if there are more than 24 pupils in a school class. The admission procedures and rules are regulated by the counsel. The 24 students limit is for securing seats for children of newcomers to the district during the school year.

Siblings and the distance to the school are what matter:
Pupils whose siblings attend the same school are to be accepted in advance of those without. Those who live near by the school are accepted in advance of those with longer distance to school. In the case of equality the decision is taken by lot.

Classes in native language:
In the public school system the “kommune” have duty to offer native language classes to the children from EU/EES, island of Faroe and Greenland. Besides, if there is a possibility, a native language class can be offered children from other countries as well. Public schools where teaching is taking place in English, German or French are also to be found.

The lessons in basic school start at 07.50 and last typically to about 15.00 o’clock. A pupil in the 4 grade normally has about 26 hours of teaching a week.

Holidays and free days:
A school year consists of 202 school days and 163 holidays and free days. Holidays and free days during a school year are listed below:

Summer vacations: 30 of July- 14 of August
Autumn vacations: 13 of October – 21 of October
Christmas vacations: 22 of December – 1 of January
Winter vacations: 9 of February – 17 of February
Easter vacations: 15 of March- 24 of March
St. Bededag: 18 of April
Kr. Himmelfartsday: 1 of May
Free day: 2 of May
Pentecost vacation: 10 of May- 12 of May
Constitution day: 5 of June
Summer holiday: 28 of June- 10 of August

Youth education:
Young people can choose numerous youth educations following the mandatory basic school education. The high schools (Gymnasium) prepare the students for higher education after graduation; other youth educations are more practically oriented and supply young people with the required learning to join the labour market after graduation. The most offers to foreign young people are found among the academic educations.

Higher education:
Foreign students can be accepted in Danish universities as guest students, international students or like regular students in line with the Danish applicants. The majority of the education institutions offer courses in English, especially on masters majority of the courses are taught in English, f. ex. MBA.

Lifelong education:
Denmark has tradition for a lifelong education, many courses at all levels of difficulty and concerning different subjects are offered outside the official education system. It can be everything from cooking to international economy. Danish language courses and Danish culture courses are offered at all levels and target different groups of foreigners.

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