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Final Danish Tax Return for 2013 (”Selvangivelse 2013”).

Final Danish tax return for income earned in 2013

Most individuals will be able to file their final Danish tax return for income earned in 2013 from March 10, 2014. From February 17, 2014 all reported information in your personal tax folder will normally be available. The deadline for filing of the tax return for 2013 is May 1, 2014, if your preliminary tax assessment (“forskudsopgoerelsen 2013”) has been registered with you as filer of a standard tax return (“almindelig selvangivelse”).
If you have been registered with a preliminary tax assessment as a filer of an expanded tax return, the deadline is July 1, 2014. We are ready to assist you with the preparation and filing of your tax return. Each year we produce several hundreds tax returns and have done so for many years. Very often this is tax returns with special circumstances including double taxation issues, dual tax status, special expat tax issues etc. Such tax returns need special competencies, knowledge and experience which we have.

In addition we are fully updated on these tax issues. If you have moved to Denmark or receive income from Danish sources we are more than ready to help you. Please contact us on and we can make an agreement of preparing and filing of your tax return in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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