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Sales of products and services in Denmark

Foreign companies in the Danish marked is very interesting and profitable.

Sale of products and services in Denmark.

The Danish marked is liberal, open and easy accessible. The price level is high and Danes have a high purchasing power. The latest EU cost of living index shows that with an EU average cost of living index of 100 the Danish index is 141 which is the highest index in EU.

All assumptions for sale of products and services at the Danish marked exists for foreign companies which wish to do business in Denmark be it through a Danish subsidiary or through a representative office.

Even though all assumptions for sale in Denmark are there many foreign companies find it hard to penetrate the Danish marked and do business in Denmark. The Danish system can be difficult to deal with and the language hard to understand. Many rules exist and they are to be followed to avoid trouble.

Traditional industrial production is moved out of Denmark as in most of the west countries. Still advanced technical industrial products are made in Denmark and the service sector is increasing. The labour marked is highly skilled and very flexible. Even though the unemployment is rather low (4.6%) it is easy to hire employees.

For foreign companies the Danish marked is very interesting and profitable.

If you need assistance and advice to do business in Denmark which ever nature that might be, e.g. contract winning, establishing etc., please contact us on

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