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Individual taxation 2010

Everyone how owns a dwelling or who is present in Denmark for over 6 months is subject to income tax in Denmark. It means that all your worldwide income is to be taxed in Denmark. If you live in another country but work in Denmark then your income is to be taxed in Denmark (Limited tax liability).

As Danish citizen or resident in Denmark you are liable to taxation in many different ways:

1. Direct taxation of the income (state taxes and local taxes)
2. Indirect taxation : VAT and duties on goods and services
3. Real estate tax
4. Church tax, if you are registered member of the Lutheran state church

The Danish tax system is progressive. It means that the more you earn the higher taxes you pay. There is a tax ceiling of 51,5% for personal income taxes. If you want to know more, please contact Inwema.

Taxes finance many services such as social security, kindergartens, education and health care. In many other countries those services are financed by private insurance or by social contributions.

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