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Houses and apartmens for rent in Copenhagen area

New houses/apartments for rent updated 19.2.2009:

Often our clients want, when they are posted from Denmark to rent their housing. It is often well-established apartments and villas. Rental is typical for a fixed period of 1-3 years depending on the duration of the posting period.

Attached is a presentation of the newest homes that we offer to rent for our clients, which might be of interest to you. All months bearings are excluded costs for electricity, water and heat.

New houses/apartments for rent from 19.2.2009:

Birkerød. (968)
House of 100 sqm, built in 1959, can be rented from 1.3.09.for 24 month with a possibility for extension.
Monthly rent: DKK 11.000

Græse Bakkeby ved Frederikssund (964)

House of 83 sqm. Built in 2006, is furnished, can be rented from 1.3.2009 to 31.10.2010.
Monthly rent: DKK 6.500

Kastrup (966)

Apartment of 2 rooms. 5 min from the airport, 5 minutes from Metro and 5 minutes from the beach park. Available from 1.3.2009 and 24 months.
Monthly rent: DKK 6.500 

København, Østerbro (963)

Apartment of 114 sqm. Newly renovated in 2003 and 2005. Located in quiet street with good parking possibilities. Available from approx. 1.7.09 in 12-24 months.
Monthly rent: DKK 9.500 

Birkerød (957)

Villa, 132 sqm from 1960. Available from 1.3.09 to 28.02.11
Monthly rent: DKK 12.000 

Rødovre (940)

Villa of 91 sqm plus full basement. Available from 1.3.09 in 36 months.
Monthly rent: DKK 10.000

Bagsværd (923)

House of 250 sqm. Available furnished from 1.3.09. in 24 months
Monthly rent: DKK 16.000

Jyllinge (916)

Villa of 130 sqm. Erected in 2005. Available from 1.3.09 in 12 months with possibility of extension
Monthly rent: DKK 11.000

København Østerbro (971)

Apartment of 110 sqm. Available from 1.3.09 in 12 months with possibility of extension.
Monthly rent: not decided.

København. K (909)

Luxurious roof apartment in Nansensgade quarter. Available from 1.3.09.i up to 36 months.
Monthly rent: DKK 16.200 

Fløng (904)

Villa of 116 sqm. Erected in 1950. Available from 1.3.09 in 24 months with possibility of extension.
Monthly rent: DKK 8.000

Hillerød (972)

Villa of 149 sqm and 81 sqm full basement. Built in 1943. Centrally located close to Slotsarkaderne. Available from 1.4.09 for 24 months.
Monthly rent: DKK 13.000 

Holte (973)

Apartment of 45 sqm of property built in 1930. Available from 1.5.09. for 12 months
Monthly rent: DKK 5.000 

København NV (974)

Apartment of 53 sqm of property built in 1937. Available from 1.3.09. for 24 months

Monthly rent: DKK 5.000


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