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Work for spouses of expats

We have noticed a need for jobs for spouses of expats in their host country

One of the most important elements for a successful posting of an expat is that the family feel good in the host country. The spouse of the expat has to deal with many facts such as home, children and of course her or his own career and job. The career of the spouse or the outlook of being out of the job scene for a longer period of time can be one of the biggest obsticles for a posting.

Inwema provides services on international taxation for individuals including planning of international postings and other mobility planning for employees. Through our services we have realised that it is not easy to plan and control the posting process. Based on these facts Inwema offers to assist the spouse of the expat with a career planning if the spouse has an interest of entering the Danish labour market.

The individual has to provide us with her/ his curriculum vitae (CV)including a job profile, professional skills and competencies. The CV will be shown on our internet portals:

These sites are visited by employers as well as other employees. When a company wishes to contact you for a job we will connect you and the company in order to agree an employment.

Please send you info to the following address for a job profile:

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