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Financial advice

Expat Denmark cooperates with Inwema on independent financial advice.

Inwema is an abbreviation of our core expertise, International Wealth Management.
We are a modern company with a number of business areas. Our core product is secure, impartial advice on investment and insurance, as well as the arrangement of mortgages. This is for clients in Denmark, Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Inwema is not an insurance company or a bank, but firm of independent financial advisors. We do not have preferences for individual companies, but look for the best financial and strategic solution for our clients.

Our business partners are chosen from the best international insurance companies and banks. It gives our clients the opportunity to find attractive solutions and often major tax benefits, if you live in a number of countries.

On the investment side, our business partners are selected on the basis of a dynamic process. The aim is to achieve the best possible yield and the highest level of security within the framework of a structure defined by the client as well as the client’s desires for the future.

After all, a satisfied client is our best ambassador!

Inwema is represented through offices in many European countries, including Switzerland, Denmark, Spain and France. We are therefore a unique choice for a person who is thinking of moving abroad, or who has already done so. 

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